Friday, September 28, 2012

OSCP in the mail

Not so long ago I wrote about getting OSCP certified.  It was more than a month before I discovered the postal receipt. Maybe a Postal service works so long  maybe there was something else causing it to take so long, but next day I went to Postal and finally received a package from Offensive Security.

I opened the package and found my certificate, wrapped in a cheerful folder:

The inscription on the back of the folder was very pleasing to me. Throughout the Lab and Exam I heard "Try harder" and it made me remember at that time. I think that it most popular phrase of the Offensive security crew. )) Thanks again to them.

Finally, inside I found my certification. It was the second  serious certificate which I received but hopefully not the last.

I planning to pass OSCE and may be CISSP or CEH in the future and I don't want to stop learning. Many interesting things in the future.

I don't have enough time for blogging because of my job, but next articles I want to dedicate to the practical issues of Penetration testing.

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